Be A Believer


     I like to think having faith is like setting the temperature on a thermostat. You set the temperature to 72 degrees. Now it may be 96 degrees in the room, far off from where you set it. You could go to the thermostat and think, “This isn’t working. It’s not matching up.” Instead, you know it’s just a matter of time before the temperature in the room matches the temperature that you’ve set.

     In the same way, we should set our thermostats on what God says about us. God says you will lend and not borrow. I’m setting my thermostat right there. That’s what I’m choosing to believe. I may be far from that right now. I may be far in debt, but that’s okay. I’m not worried. As long as I’ve set my thermostat, as long as I keep believing, keep honoring God, keep being my best, I know it’s just a matter of time before the conditions in my life match up to the conditions in my thinking.

     You may have a son who is at 140 degrees, out living wild. It doesn’t matter. As long as your thermostat is set you’re not worried. You’re not frustrated. You don’t have to live wondering if he will change. You know God is in complete control.

     God goes to work when He sees you have a made-up mind. Your thermostat is set on His promises, on faith, on restoration, on healing, on victory. It may not happen overnight, but God is faithful. He will do what He promised.

     You may need to readjust your thermostat. At one time you believed you would do something great. You believed you would start that business. You believed you’d beat that addiction. You believed you’d meet the right person and get married. But it didn’t happen on your timetable. You grew discouraged and you gave up.

     God is saying, “Reset the thermostat.” Start believing once again. Believe you can live free from pain. Believe you can move into that nicer home. Believe God is bringing the right people across your path. Keep the thermostat set. Have a made-up mind. When it gets cold, or when it gets hot, stay in faith. Our attitude should be, “This is what God says about me. I am blessed. I will live and not die. My children will be mighty in the land. My latter days will be greater than my former days.”

     You may not see anything happening week after week, month after month, maybe even year after year. It doesn’t matter. Your attitude is “My thermostat is set. I’m not moved by what I see, by what I feel, by what people tell me. I’m moved by what I know. And I know when I believe the incredible greatness of God’s power is activated. I know when I believe strongholds are broken. Favor, healing, promotion, restoration, they are coming my way.”

     Do you believe God can turn that situation around? Do you believe you can overcome past mistakes? When you get in agreement with God and believe, that allows God to release the incredible greatness of Hid power.

     When Lazarus was very sick his two sisters, Mary and Martha, sent word to Jesus and asked if He would come to their home in a different city and pray for Lazarus. But Jesus waited four days, which was too long. Lazarus had already died when Jesus finally showed up.

     Martha was very upset. She said, “Jesus, if You would have been here sooner my brother would still be alive.”

     Have you ever felt God showed up too late for you? You prayed. You believed. But you still didn’t get the promotion. You worked hard. You had a good attitude but the company still let you go. You stood on God’s promises. You quoted the Scriptures, but your prayers were not answered.

     That was the way Mary and Martha felt. They were discouraged, depressed, and probably a little bit bitter. Jesus looked at them and said, “Take me to the place where you have laid him.” In other words, “Take me to the place where you stopped believing. Take me to the place where you decided it was over.”

     You have to go to that place in your life and ask yourself, “Is my God still on the Throne? Is my God still all-powerful? Is my God still Almighty & Powerful God; the God Who is more than enough?”

     You’ve got to stir up your faith. God said, “Mary. Martha. It looks bad, but it’s not over. If you will start believing once again, I will show you My power in a greater way.”

     Back in those days the Sadducees, who were against Jesus, believe that the spirit left the body on the third day after a person died. It wasn’t a coincidence that God waited for the fourth day to show up. Jesus waited on purpose so that when he raised Lazarus there wouldn’t  be any doubt. They would know that it was a great miracle.

     Sometimes God will wait on purpose not only so you know that it’s His power, but so your doubters, your naysayers, and your unbelieving relatives won’t be able to deny that God has done something amazing in your life.

     After Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, He said to Mary and Martha, “Did I not tell you if you would only believe…?” Mary and Martha at first were disappointed because Jesus didn’t show up in time to heal Lazarus. They were disappointed that their prayers weren’t answered in the way they wanted. But all along God knew what He was doing.

     God wasn’t planning a healing. He was planning something better. He was planning a resurrection. Just because you believed and it didn’t work out your way, or on your timetable, doesn’t mean that it’s over. It means just the opposite.

     Keep the thermostat set. Right now, behind the scenes God is working in your life, arranging things in your favor. Don’t be intimidated by the size of what you are facing. Stay in faith, and the Lord your God will make sure that it comes to pass.

     It may not have happened in the past on your timetable. That’s because God is not planning a healing. He is planning a resurrection. It will be better, bigger, and greater than you’ve ever imagined.

     Be a believer. Take the limits off God. Keep your faith stirred up. I believe you are going to see God’s goodness in amazing ways!

The Pham