God’s Providence


     We all face situations that seem impossible. It’s easy to become discouraged and think that things will never work out. But the Scripture says God is going before us making our crooked places straight. You may not have the connections right now to accomplish your dreams, but you don’t have to worry. God is going before you and lining up the right people. He’s arranging the right breaks, the right opportunities.

     You may have lost a job or had your hours cut back. It’s easy to get negative and think nothing will ever change. But you have to realize this loss is not a surprise to God. He’s not up in the heavens scratching His head, thinking, “Oh, no. Now what will I do?”

     God has already written every day of your life in His book. He knew exactly when that setback would occur, and the good news is He has already arranged a comeback. Before you had the problem, God already had the solution. He is going before you right now preparing the next chapter of your life. If you will stay in faith and keep the right attitude you will enter a better chapter, a chapter, with greater victories and greater fulfillment.

     Coworker may be trying to push you down, playing politics. They may have more seniority than you. They may be more powerful. But when you understand this principle you won’t be upset. You won’t go in there and try to play their games and prove to them who you are. Instead, you will stay in peace knowing that the Most High God, the Creator of the universe, the One who controls it all, is going before you. He promised to fight your battles. He will be your vindicator. He will make your wrongs right. If you will stay on the high road and just keep being your best, you will see the hand of God at work in amazing ways.

     It may not happen overnight, but at the right time, in your due season, God will not only move the wrong people out of the way, but He also will pay you back for every injustice. He will make up for lost time and guide you to where you’re supposed to be. You may be discouraged and think that your situation will never change. Maybe you can’t see anything happening. But if the curtain was pulled back, you could see into the unseen realm. There, you would see God at work arranging things in your favor.

     He’s planning to open this door and bring a certain person across your path. He’s getting you in position for the right opportunities. He’s even looking years down the road and arranging solutions to problems that you haven’t had yet.

     I want you to get this down in your spirit like never before: “God is going before me making my crooked places straight.” You may have gone through a disappointment, an unfair situation, but don’t settle there. Don’t sink into self-pity. In your future, God has already lined up a new beginning, new friendships, and new opportunities. It’s right up ahead of you. Maybe last year was rough on your finances, or in your career. If you had some setbacks, don’t make mistake of expecting this year to be the same. Get a new vision. This a new day.

     You may have taken a couple of steps backward in recent times, but let me declare over you that God will thrust you forward. God has planned explosive growth in your future. He had already lined up new sales, new clients, new business, and new partnerships. Your attitude should be: “Yes, the economy is down, but I’m not worried. I know God is going before me, and He has Promised He will make rivers in the desert. He will prosper me even in the midst of a recession.”

     If you have health concerns, your attitude should be: “The medical report may not look good. Some may say I just have to live with this sickness. But I have another report, and it says that God is restoring health unto me. I believe that in my future, God has already released healing, health, and victory.”

     If your child has strayed off course, getting that child back may seem impossible in the natural, but your report should be, “I know God can do the impossible. I may not see a way, but I know God has a way. I believe God is going before my child lining up the right people to come across his path, taking away the wrong people, breaking every force of darkness, opening his eyes to every deception, and giving him the wisdom to make good choice to fulfill his destiny.”

(Will be continued…)

The Phan