#SĐCG 251: What was the moment that God most PLEASED with you?


We find many moments that we are “pleased” with God! For example, the times that we “get what we wanted!” How about finding a moment when God was most pleased with us?

In this homily on 23rd Ordinary – Year B, father Martino will help us to find that moment!
You might be surprised to hear about Father Martino’s personal moment!


All Father Martino’s Homilies are not intended to Preach to or hurt anyone! Since Fr. Martino writes ALL homilies for himself! They are his life, his reminder to be a better person that God wants him to be daily! If you do not like his style of preaching, please do not watch so that you will not be “angry” after listening!
You can listen to Fr. Martino’s English Homilies on www.songdaoconggiao.com and choose ENGLISH!
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Peace and blessings,
Fr. Martino Nguyễn Bá Thông